The law firm of Callahan & Robinson P.C. (New York) provides legal services to commercial operators of UAS/UAV (Drone) technology. The advent of drone technology which first started with the military use of such vehicles has now dramatically expanded across the country to operators of small micro drones of less than 55 lbs pounds for commercial use. Legitimate uses of this UAS’s technology has spread far beyond the original robotic creators planning.

Without question, this technology has crossed into uncharted legal territory and specialty law firms have sprouted up across the country to meet these legal challenges, whether in filming, agriculture, maritime, energy and oil recovery and a host of other uses in this nascent technology –The analogy to the Wright Brothers first flight is not far off the mark.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) is the sole federal agency tasked with rule making authority and a congressional mandate to develop new rule-making as soon as practicable. State and local government’s must approach further regulation and oversight with extreme caution as the FAA rules and regulations preempt state-local laws concerning aerial flight except for hobbyist flying of model planes.

William P. Callahan has lots of experience with federal policy and litigation including hands-on military flight operational experience in the United States Navy Air Wings. He is also noted for his government service with the U.S. Department of Justice as a federal prosecutor.

The firm is a member of NUAIR (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance), a regional alliance of private industry, academic and military assets working together to establish an FAA designated test site for unmanned aircraft systems in the Northeast located in Syracuse NY. NUAIR has facilities located at strategic military points and airports throughout the Northeast for experimentation and technology support for the nascent drone technology arena. (http://nuairalliance.org/).

Mr. Callahan is also a member of AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International), Arlington, Virginia. (http://www.auvsi.org/) and the NYC Drone Users Group (NYCDUG)

Mr. Robinson has hands on experience with UAS/UAV technology, having owned and operated UAS/UAV dating back to 2010. He has also worked in-depth with commercial UAS/UAV operators as counselor at law to assist with safety standards, compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, UAS/UAV aircraft registrations, Section 333 petitions to permit commercial operations of UAS/UAVs, and FAA UAS Civil COA Requests. The Callahan & Robinson law firm has the experience needed to provide essential legal advice and guidance to current and prospective UAS/UAV clients.

Representative Clients: