RE: SouthGate Films, Inc. Receives FAA Exemption to Commercially Operate UAV/Drones in New York City

Brooklyn, NY, April 21, 2015 — The drones are coming. SouthGate Films, Inc. recently received a Section 333 Exemption approval from the FAA for commercial drone filming. Based out of its Greenpoint, Brooklyn aeronautics laboratory, SouthGate Films, Inc. is a pioneer in the emerging drone industry and for now, one of a few in the New York City area approved for such work.

Owner and operator, Paul Callahan, is an expert at drone flying, filming, and maintenance. His cutting edge workshop opens the door to many commercial opportunities for both private filming and servicing the community at large. SouthGate Film’s equipment and federal green light make it possible for New York City to survey piers, aid fire rescue, and conduct safety analysis among other possible benefits for the city. SouthGate Films, Inc. is represented by the law firm Callahan & Robinson, P.C., an unmanned aircraft systems specialty law firm.

In December 2014, Callahan & Robinson, P.C. filed a Section 333 petition on behalf of SouthGate Films, Inc. to request a federal exemption to allow for commercial drone operations. Under the current regulatory formula, unmanned drone flights are subject to the rules governing manned flying. The exemption serves the purpose of patching the legal framework on the federal level. New federal regulations have recently been proposed to further open the drone field but are not expected to be implemented until 2017, if approved.

For legal issues regarding SouthGate films, Inc. please contact its legal representatives Callahan & Robinson, P.C. at 212-889-3000. To speak with SouthGate Films, Inc. owner Paul Callahan about commercial drone operations call 347-489-7890 or email Additionally, SouthGate Films, Inc. Flight laboratory is available for viewings by appointment.