FAA Part 107 Exemptions

The Callahan & Robinson law firm is currently accepting Unmanned Aircraft System/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle clients who wish to petition the FAA for an exemption to commercially operate UAS/UAV’s under the new Part 107 Rule (formerly Section 333).

Whether you need an exemption for corporate work, manuals for safety/motion picture and television work, have privacy concerns, or need legal advice on what your company can and can’t do when it comes to the FAA and UAS/UAV law, our UAS/UAV Policy Group at the Callahan & Robinson law firm will help you every step of the way.

Our passion for helping you get up and running commercially with your UAS/UAV is second to none. Contact William Callahan or Joseph Robinson today at 212-889-3000 for a free consultation.

FAA Enacts New Rule 107 For Drone Flyers Eliminating the Section 333 Exemption.

DOT and FAA Finalize Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Regulations will create new opportunities for business and government to use drones


The Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has finalized the first operational rules (PDF) for routine commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or “drones”), opening pathways towards fully integrating UAS into the nation’s airspace. These new regulations work to harness new innovations safely, to spur job growth, advance critical scientific research and save lives.

“We are part of a new era in aviation, and the potential for unmanned aircraft will make it safer and easier to do certain jobs, gather information, and deploy disaster relief,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “We look forward to working with the aviation community to support innovation, while maintaining our standards as the safest and most complex airspace in the world.”


About the UAS/UAV Policy Group

The UAS policy group at the Callahan & Robinson law firm consists of a skilled group of attorneys with in-depth knowledge of UAS/UAV law, technology, privacy and aviation. Our group works with clients nationwide who want to get up and running with the rapidly developing commercial UAS/UAV industry.

“Whether we call them UASs, UAVs, or drones, these aircraft are an exciting new development in the aviation industry. But they also raise some serious safety and privacy concerns – that we need to address before the FAA licenses these vehicles for broad use in our national airspace.”

Senator John D. (Jay) Rockefeller, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Technology

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Our UAS/UAV Background

The Callahan & Robinson law firm is committed to all aspects of the continually evolving UAS/UAV legal field.

Mr. Callahan served on active duty in the United States Navy (Air Wing) for a combined total of eight years of active duty and active reserve status. He received specialized training and schooling in Naval Air specialty schools such as Airman’s School (10 weeks) which included intense basic air training leading to crew member qualification status in fixed wing patrol aircraft. Stationed in Norfolk, VA. He attended and completed 53 weeks of intensive schooling in aviation electronics countermeasure school. He thereafter served as a crew member on board the Lockheed P2V aircraft as a countermeasures specialist based out of Guantanamo Naval Air Station, Cuba.

Mr. Robinson has hands on experience with UAS/UAV technology, having owned and operated his own hobby UAS/UAV dating back to 2010. He has also worked in-depth with commercial UAS/UAV operators as counselor at law to assist with safety standards, compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, UAS/UAV aircraft registrations, Section 333 petitions to permit commercial operations of UAS/UAVs, and FAA UAS Civil COA Requests. The Callahan & Robinson law firm has the experience needed to provide essential legal advice and guidance to current and prospective UAS/UAV clients.

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Are you a UAS/UAV User?

If you are looking to operate your UAS/UAV for commercial purposes, you may need legal guidance on how to safely and legally operate your
UAS/UAV under local rules and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations. Let the Callahan & Robinson law firm be your guide.